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Bath & NE Somerset Parking have appointed Bristow & Sutor as one of their two preferred suppliers for collecting unpaid penalty charge notices. The appointment was made following a competitive evaluation process and the contract runs until 2021.

We are pleased to announce that Derby City Council have extended the current enforcement contract to 30/4/2018 and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership working with them.

Queens Hotel, Leeds - 9 & 10 May 2017.

NEC Birmingham - 4-6 April 2017 come and visit us on Stand P210.

Lancaster Hotel, London - Friday 10 March 2017.

October 2016 - Walsall Council has re-appointed Bristow & Sutor for the supply of enforcement agency services under a new 3-year contract, with the possible extension of a further year. The appointment is the result of a formal tender process.

October 2016 - Salford City Council has appointed Bristow & Sutor as a sole supplier to collect Council Tax and NDR debts debt under a new 2-year contract until September 2018. The appointment is the result of a formal tender process.

September 2016 - Manchester City Council have appointed Bristow & Sutor, alongside five other suppliers for a 2-year period, with the option to extend for a further two years, for the recovery of Council Tax and NDR debt types.

Innovative Driver App Acts as ‘Mentoring aid to improve driver safety and performance.’

GreenRoad Technologies has won a contract to install its innovative driver behaviour and fleet management in-vehicle solution within Bristow & Sutor’s 155 strong fleet of cars and vans.

The Redditch based company, which has over 300 employees, was keen to look at a way of reducing its insurance premiums and fuel costs whilst at the same time improving the safety of its drivers, reducing accident risks and improving their carbon footprint.

It is an exciting new development for the Enforcement and Debt Recovery Specialists and Bristow and Sutor is confident that not only will the GreenRoad solution meet their objectives, it will also transform the way they manage their fleet. The new system will allow the company to be able to make better decisions and improve the existing real time visibility of drivers to utilise their resources more efficiently.

Further with GreenRoad’s smartphone application all of Bristow & Sutor’s drivers’ smartphones transform into an effective in vehicle mentoring aid with real time feedback through highly visible graphics and numerical information.

Each driver can see their trip data, safety score and other key performance metrics through the central mobile app. As well as receiving safety tips they can also participate in driver motivation and incentive programmes.

Established in 1977, Bristow & Sutor provides nationwide enforcement and debt recovery services to Local Authorities and Commercial Landlords across England and Wales.

The deployment of the GreenRoad system across the fleet complements Bristow & Sutor’s philosophy of continuous improvement, professional delivery and a commitment to quality service and results. It is a business which embraces technology to provide total transparency at all times.

Andy Rose, Bristow & Sutor’s Managing Director commented: “Whilst we had previously tracked our drivers via their mobile devices, this is the first time we have installed a telematics system across the fleet.

“Following a successful trial we were confident that the GreenRoad system was the right one for us. Further it is a system which demonstrates our commitment to investing in the latest worldwide technology to deliver better customer service whilst reducing our carbon footprint to protect the environment.”

The sophisticated GreenRoad system goes far beyond a simple telematics solution: It continuously monitors and analyses 150 separate vehicle movements, detecting events such as sudden acceleration, harsh braking and sharp cornering. Drivers are alerted to their risky behaviour in near-real time via an easy-to-use dashboard display, creating a powerful feedback loop that engages them in taking charge of their own improvement. Exception-based alerts keep managers aware of emerging issues in real time. A web-based dashboard allows them to monitor the whereabouts and safety status of all vehicles at a glance. Insightful reports can be easily tailored to manager requirements.

Chris Hoborwyj, GreenRoad’s Director of Sales UK commented: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to install our solution in Bristow & Sutor’s fleet.

“The GreenRoad system adapts to many different vehicle types and sizes and is therefore ideal for an application such as this. Not only will the system help to improve the safety of Bristow & Sutor drivers whilst they go about their daily tasks, it will also swiftly provide a measurable return on investment. It is a highly effective tool and we will continue to work with Bristow & Sutor to ensure that it delivers their objectives.”

Bristow & Sutor are pleased to announce the introduction of the Microsoft Translator App on their Enforcement Agents smartphones.

The translation app enables the agent to speak or type to quickly translate into over 50 languages. The agents can have real time conversations and are able to download the languages to translate even when they are unable to get an internet connection. The App is an enhancement to our existing relationship with Language Line and enables positive and effective communication for all of our clients customers.

Andy Rose Managing Director said “ the introduction of the app is another market leading enhancement from Bristow & Sutor which enables our staff to engage more effectively in our increasingly diverse communities “

Bristow & Sutor have launched their free, interactive smartphone app for customers. This is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms and can be downloaded from Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or Windows Phone Store, by searching for Bristow & Sutor. It will give debtors easy and instant access to all current Debtor Portal functionality, including; viewing case details, setting up arrangements, making payments and more.

The app builds upon Bristow & Sutor’s commitment to lead on innovation and technology in the enforcement industry, with the aim of creating a 24/7 platform for payment and account management; anytime, anywhere.

Andy Rose, Managing Director, said - ‘This emphasises our commitment to improving customer engagement by making ourselves visible to the customer at all times. This is the natural extension of our existing online Debtor Portal and builds on our excellent client reputation for being first to market with service-enhancing technology solutions.”

Come and visit us on stand 37 and 38.

Come and visit us on stand F66.

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February 2016 - Gloucestershire County council appoint Bristow & Sutor to collect parking debts.

February 2016 - Cheshire West & Chester BC appoint Bristow & Sutor to collect all corporate debt.

January 2016 - Doncaster MBC appoint Bristow & Sutor to collect all corporate debt.

May 2015: The Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) has appointed Bristow & Sutor, alongside a number of approved Enforcement Agencies, under their Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for a broad, all-encompassing service which will include the enforcement of Council Tax, Business Rates, Penalty Charge Notices, Commercial Rent Arrears and Sundry Debts. This new service can be accessed by any local authority in England and Wales. Our appointment is the result of a comprehensive procurement exercise, which included a tender response evaluation. We are delighted and proud to say we scored 100%.

YPO is a publicly owned procurement organisation based in Wakefield, Yorkshire. It is owned and governed by a consortium of county, metropolitan and borough councils in Yorkshire and the North West England. It provides a wide range of resources and services to schools, councils, charities, emergency services, and other public sector organisations. It is the ‘largest formally constituted public sector buying organisation in the UK’. Their frameworks are compliant with the latest public procurement legislation, providing protection and peace of mind to those members using their approved suppliers.

It is now live and accessible for Local Authorities to use and contracts can be awarded for up to 4 years. Using the DPS will give Local Authorities access to pre-qualified Service Providers who have met the criteria covering acceptability, economic and financial standing, as well as capacity and service delivery standards. This will dispense with the need for a PQQ exercise and, furthermore, further competition or tender document templates can be supplied.

To award a contract through the DPS you will need to undertake a mini competition. This will be fully managed and facilitated by YPO via their e-procurement portal. This can be modified to fit local authority requirements and specification. The review of submissions, specification, evaluation criteria and decision making remains with Local Authorities and YPO will manage all the administration, including instructions to bidders and all clarification responses. The YPO will support Local Authorities throughout the process in conjunction with your procurement team, if required. The fee to access the service is £750.00, which covers all administration costs and the management of the whole process.

For more information, please email YPO at or contact us at

Please also find a useful guide which can be downloaded here.

Dec 2013: The Midlands Partnership (currently comprising Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, South Staffordshire Council and Wolverhampton City Council) has entered into a new 5 year contract with Bristow & Sutor. The contract is valid until 30 November 2018 and is for the enforcement of Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates. Bristow & Sutor is pleased to be appointed as the Primary Provider.

The partnership tendered the contract in two Lots, namely, Lot 1 – Primary Provider and Lot 2 – Secondary supplier(s) for recycled cases.

In a lengthy and comprehensive two stage public procurement exercise, the main objectives of the Partnership were ongoing improvement in performance and increased measurement of performance. The winning bidder also had to demonstrate the flexibility of being able to work within a Partnership environment yet cater for individual Council requirements and display the processes and procedures in place for supporting those who may be vulnerable.

“We are delighted to be the partner of choice,” said Bristow & Sutor Managing Director, “we will work with the Partnership to ensure that the main objectives are met, as well as supporting them through the new Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Regulations.”

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This year’s conference will take place at Keele University, Staffordshire Visit for further information.

This year’s conference will take place at Keele University, Staffordshire Visit for further information.

The Civil Enforcement Association presents a detailed examination of the new regulations surrounding the industry. Contact for further information.

Bristow & Sutor is running a series of nationwide TCE training seminars to support our clients through the implementation of laws affecting enforcement. Contact for further information.

Bristow & Sutor is an appointed supplier to the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council national Bailiff Services framework.

Established in November 2012, the tried and tested framework is available for a period of 4 years, to all other local authorities in the United Kingdom who may wish to utilise the services.

Suppliers were selected from a comprehensive tender process including a Pre-Qualification exercise, tender and formal presentation. With the flexibility to incorporate your own guidelines and codes of practice, the Rotherham Framework is a proven solution to procure your bailiff needs without undertaking a further tender exercise – thereby simplifying the procurement process.

Please contact for further details and information.

All Set for Changes to Enforcement from April 2014.

At long last the government has today laid before Parliament the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 that are necessary for the change from your use of bailiffs to levy distress to the use of Enforcement Agents to take Control of Goods under the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. See

Bristow and Sutor have always supported the change and once we’ve examined in detail the regulations and in particular the changes from the previous draft regulations we will notify you further.

Although there is only a little over 8 months until the system changes rather than the more than one year that was originally suggested Bristow and Sutor can assure clients that we will be able to carry on receiving and handling all types of work and smoothly transition to enforcement using the new process.

Still to come (but also to come into force in April 2014) are two separate Statutory Instruments containing regulations specifying the fees and the modified certification process.

Bristow & Sutor will once again be exhibiting at Europe’s largest dedicated Parking Exhibition organised on behalf of the British Parking Association. Register for free at With a client base ranging from large City Councils, rural Districts and County wide partnerships we base our approach on delivering a quality bailiff service, with optimum performance and results.

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This years conference will take place on the 18th and 19th April 2013 at Keele University, Staffordshire and consists of two streams; one for Local Taxation and the other Miscellaneous Income. Visit for further information.

The Telford International Centre hosts the IRRV Annual Conference from 2nd - 4th October 2013. Visit for further information.

July 2012: Walsall Council has appointed Bristow & Sutor under a new 3 year contract.

The contract includes Council Tax, Non Domestic Rates as well as the enforcement of Penalty Charge Notices and can be extended for a further year until 31 May 2016.