Our values

We are all accountable

We act in a responsible manner and take ownership of our decisions and actions.

We are transparent

We are open and transparent in everything we do in relation to customers, colleagues, members of the public and other stakeholders.

We are respectful

We show respect and understanding to all people and cultures, and always act in a firm but considerate way,  appropriate to individual circumstances.

We always behave with integrity

Our staff are honest and trustworthy, and behave according to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our Commitments

  • We commit to always acting ethically and professionally, ensuring that our staff maintain the good reputation of ourselves and our clients. We will not cut corners or place profitability ahead of this goal.
  • We commit to developing and maintaining close working relationships with our clients, in order to deliver and demonstrate excellence in our performance and to be able to adapt swiftly to any changing needs.
  • We commit to being sensitive to those who we seek to recover money from, by aiding and directing them towards free, third party advice and offering our own support and advice where appropriate.
  • We commit to directly employing our local authority staff, ensuring that they have the right incentives, training, development and management. This ensures that they always behave in line with our own values, and are fully compliant with the law and our own standards.



  • We commit to a continuous improvement approach, rooted in constant learning and constructive feedback both sought from and given to customers and colleagues.
  • We commit to creating a culture that encourages innovation and development.
  • We commit to a 'speak up' culture, where customers, colleagues and members of the public feel that they can effectively and securely raise complaints and grievances. They should feel empowered to report any behaviour that they consider to be unethical, unprofessional or otherwise at variance with both our values and their own expectations of a reasonable provider of debt collection and enforcement services.
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