About Bristow & Sutor

Why are you not called bailiffs anymore?

As of the 6th April 2014 new legislation came into force changing our name when working on cases like yours to enforcement agents. We can still take your goods and sell them but the legislation, terminology and fees have changed.

What do enforcement agents do?

Enforcement agents are empowered to take your goods and sell them by public auction to pay off your debt. This procedure is called “Taking Control of Goods.” You can prevent this by paying in full.

How can I make a Subject Access Request?

Your credit rating is not affected in any way as a result of the action Bristow & Sutor may take against you or the data we hold.

Code of practice and complaints

A code of practice is available and the company operates a formal complaints procedure. All complaints must be in writing. Click on 'Read More' to download a complaint form.
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