Debt Enforcement

Can the law stop the enforcement agent acting?

The regulations were written by government to enable the enforcement agent to collect these debts that are due to councils. The law is there to guide the enforcement agent as to how they should act, not to stop them acting.

Leaving paperwork – what do enforcement agents have to leave?

Enforcement agents will leave different forms when they carry out certain actions. We are required by law to leave some of these forms but other letters will be used to provide information to you where there is no set legal form.

What goods can enforcement agents take?

The enforcement agent can take control of goods which you own or in which you have a beneficial interest.

Should the enforcement agents be knocking the door?

They are instructed to do so where appropriate but the law does not make it mandatory.

Can enforcement agents force entry?

An enforcement agent can force entry to inspect or remove goods that are subject to a controlled goods agreement.

How will goods be sold?

Usually by public auction as this is as the law requires us to do.

Can I hide my goods from an enforcement agent or sell them to stop them being taken?

No. From the moment you are sent a Notice of Enforcement from our office your goods are “bound” in law. This means you cannot sell them or dispose of them.

Can I stop the enforcement agent doing their job?

If you or someone else intentionally obstructs someone lawfully acting as an enforcement agent, you or they may be guilty of an offence and be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for up to 51 weeks or a fine up to level 4 (currently £2500) or both.
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