Our Partnership with The Money Charity

At Bristow & Sutor, we don't just talk about Social Value, we deliver it.

Our relationship with The Money Charity is a mutually beneficial partnership, in which we contribute more than just money. We're proud to support the Charity through volunteering and fundraising, while also providing opportunities for the Charity to grow and expand its impact through exposure across our industry.

But our partnership goes beyond that, as we continue to improve our services and develop ways of working that support the communities we work within. The Money Charity provide feedback, inspiration, and encouragement as we strive to Lead the Way in building the professionalism and ethical position of the enforcement industry.

Who are The Money Charity?

The Money Charity are the UK's financial capability charity. Founded 25 years ago, the Charity proactively provides education, information, advice, and guidance to people of all ages, helping them to manage their money well and increase their financial wellbeing.

They develop and deliver products and services for those in the workplace, our communities, and in education. They also influence and support others to promote financial capability and financial wellbeing, through consultancy, policy, research, and media work.

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Why our partnership?

We believe that financial capability is a key route to tackling problem debt. Many of those who struggle with managing their money have never had formal support with creating a budget, tracking their incomings and outgoings, or making and keeping savings goals. While financial capability has now been added to the curriculum in England and Wales, the standard and availability of this education is still patchy, as many teachers do not feel confident to talk about money, or struggle to fit it in to the already packed timetable!

The Money Charity's work is vital to ensuring that our communities have the skills they need to survive the increasingly complex financial landscape. At Bristow & Sutor, our partnership with the Charity enables us and them to spread their resources even more widely, helping the people who need it to access tools to help them manage their money more effectively.

We will be including The Money Charity's work as part of the Social Value we deliver to Local Authorities, as well as finding other ways to share their work with the widest possible audience.

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Bristow & Sutor donate funds and support to The Money Charity

Bristow & Sutor donate funds and support to The Money Charity

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