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EAs employed

Our local authority enforcement agents are all directly employed. This allows us to work with a greater level of control, and to a higher ethical standard.

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Advisory Panel

We have created an independent Advisory Panel to examine our policies and procedures to inform best practice.



We are able to provide clients with a complete debt recovery solution, thanks to our unique in-house technology systems.

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A custom approach

We know that every client is different, and so we ensure that each has a system designed around their specific needs and requirements.

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Client Web

Our central console for case management is constantly evolving to suit the needs of our clients. We issue continual updates and improvements based on feedback and recommendations.

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Improved results

Our tailored approach leads to increased collection rates, helping our clients to hit their targets and improve results.

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Who will I be directly in contact with?

We ensure all our clients are well looked after, with dedicated Account Managers and full access to our Client Management Team.

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Continual improvement in practice

We are forward-thinking and aim to achieve consistent excellence with routine audits, external analysis and ongoing reviews of our practices.

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Saving clients time

We constantly review client processes in order to make our clients' jobs easier, and rely on open dialogue and constructive feedback to provide the best service in the industry.

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Does Bristow & Sutor employ its own Enforcement Agents?

Unlike some operators, we only use our own agents when working with local authorities - all of whom are directly employed. We therefore take full ownership of our team’s methods and results, ensuring consistently high levels of service and quality, very low levels of complaints, and excellent collection rates.

What debt types do Bristow & Sutor recover?

We recover a variety of debts including Council Tax, Penalty Charge Notices, Non-Domestic Rates, High Court Enforcement of writs of control and others including Sundry Debts - giving a broad range of expertise and knowledge.

What is Bristow & Sutor’s collection performance?

We have a proven record of high and consistent collection rates.

Does Bristow & Sutor organise any events or training to onboard new clients?

We regularly invite our clients to attend a full day Client Web training and demo to ensure that we onboard them in the most efficient manner and make the process of sending cases as smooth as possible.

What is your collection performance?

We have a proven industry-leading record of consistently high collection rates.

What type of technology are Bristow & Sutor’s agents using with debtors?

We have a bespoke smartphone app for EAs to manage cases allocated to them. They can view case history, record activity that they have taken, take secure payments, and more.

What type of system are you using to deal with cases?

Our bespoke market leading platform’s development is controlled in house. It gives Clients extensive reporting and instant case-control while avoiding the need for time-consuming calls and discussions. It provides a direct link to Enforcement Agents, giving instant control to Clients.

How do you keep clients informed?

We work with our clients to provide regular and comprehensive reporting and feedback, as required. Our customers praise the expert advice and care that our relationship managers provide, trusting us to work independently to save them time and money.

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