My Debt

What is this debt about?

We collect a variety of debts, including Council Tax, Non-Domestic Rates and Penalty Charge Notices (also known as PCNs) for local authorities (councils).

I don’t think I owe this debt. How can I dispute it?

In respect of Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates we are not able to assist in disputes of this type. You must contact the council direct if you think you do not owe them money. In respect of Penalty Charge Notices contact us by telephone immediately or send us a letter to explain.

What if I pay part of the debt?

Enforcement action will continue unless the debt is paid in full including all costs unless you have made a payment arrangement and are sticking to it.

My ex-partner and I are both named on the liability order and I have paid half the debt. Why are you still pursuing me?

Joint and Several Liability is where the debt is in more than one persons’ name. Each person named under the liability order may be pursued for the whole debt. Even if you pay half the debt we may still have to take control of your goods for the rest.

Can the enforcement agent take my goods if I won’t sign anything?

Yes. The regulations do not require your signature or co-operation for goods to be removed or sold.

What can the Council do with a case if the enforcement agent sends it back to them uncollected?

If we are not going to take further enforcement agent action the Council has several options.

Are you really allowed to take money from my wages?

Yes. Regulation 37 of the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992, as amended, allows us to attach your earnings so that your employer has to take a payment from your wages each week or month and send it to us on behalf of the council. Some councils ask us to do this for them.

I think I may be considered vulnerable

If you think you are vulnerable we would encourage you to contact us. All our staff are trained to advise individuals who may require additional support.

Where can I get free debt advice?

AdviceUK, National Debtline, Money Advice Service, Citizens Advice, and StepChange. Click 'Read More' for links.

I have received a visit from an agent regarding my sundry debt

Some visits are made by our agents called Credit Security Limited. If you have paperwork from them contact them at: Credit Security Limited The Old Court House High Street Whitchurch Buckinghamshire HP22 4JS Telephone: 0845 122 2975

What happens if I don't pay this sundry debt?

If you do not act straight away and still reside in England or Wales the next stage in the recovery process may also involve the instigation of County Court proceedings. If the Court grants a Judgement against you then there will be significant consequences.
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