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Council Tax Recovery

The rates applied to domestic properties that allow Councils to provide local services including schools and libraries.

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Our Council Tax Recovery Services

Low Balance

Pre-compliance process

We can provide you with a collection service prior to any fees being added to the case to maximise collection rates for the local authority.


Council Tax reduction/support

We can offer you a bespoke process for these low income debt types which increases contact at the compliance stage, allows long-term arrangements and reduces the need for enforcement agents to make visits.



We recognise that people move and are often unaware that they have outstanding debts. Our unique technology integrations enable us to identify people who have moved address and get in touch with them at their new address.



We have a specialist welfare team and work closely with the debt advice sector to protect vulnerable debtors and achieve positive outcomes for all parties.


Arrest warrants

We can execute your bail and no bail warrants utilising our dedicated Enforcement Agents team who have received specialist external training to carry out this function.

Recycled 2

Recycled Council Tax

We achieve outstanding collection rates on the unsuccessful returns you have received from other Enforcement Agents.

"Bristow & Sutor utilise the latest technological innovations and are consistently updating their services to improve customer contact rates. Their collection performance has helped Wokingham achieve a Council Tax collection rate of 99.6% during 2016/17 which is the highest in the country.

I have no hesitation in recommending their enforcement services to any other local authority who is looking for a professional company with exceptional performance."

Wokingham Borough Council
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